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I Have A Greedy Nature

I will not have any shame to myself or to others about the nature of which I have, namely the nature of Greddy. I will always keep my nature to this one. With have greedy nature, I was kept alive, I’m always excited and keep fighting and keep going.

I know the meaning of this word, greedy means is an attitude that always want more, want something for himself without going to share with others. I know, everyone will definitely avoid this nature, because it includes in the
category of bad character, including the characteristics of a selfish person.

As human being, I accept what God has given to me. I accept all the good things and bad things are inherent in me. Because of my conviction that all God has given me is the most beautiful and is the best.

Good things and bad things is a conclusion of a person’s life experience, the result of learning to live that will be passed on to generations beyond. But we often forget, that the categories in the experience of life can not be given away to the next generation. Generation after us is a new pattern of life itself. We as the older generation, can only provide examples of models, gives a true understanding, which means that the compass of life is a religious rule, the rule of God.

Everything in this life is a sign of the greatness of God. The signs are deliberately scaled back by God to man as a means of learning or teaching materials for the five senses. Especially, the learning materials for those
who want to think.

Human given the excess of the Lord, that is his Brain.

“When Allah SWT, prophet Adam AS lowered into the earth, the angel Jibril
AS came to Adam AS to bring three things; Religion, Manners, and Brain.
“Jibril said,” Allah SWT ordered to choose one of three things. “Then Adam said,” ya Jibril, I saw something better than that all in heaven.” then Adam
held out his hand to take the brain, and incorporate them into itself. And
Adam ordered the two things that are not chosen to ascend to the sky. Then, both said, “we were ordered to accompany the brain where it is located.” And
three belonged to Adam.

Three things it was the greatest gift that God gave to His servants, the most precious gift from Him.

And God also created three things as opposed to the three things that exist in Adam AS, namely Lust, Evil, And Anger. ( translation of the book ”
Raudhatul Muhibbin wan Nuzhatul Musytaqin” by Ibnu Qayyim Al Jauziyah )

That how Allah SWT created man, complete with its attributes.

Back to greedy nature as the opening of this writing, I like using this word
because this word means full of spirit to fight for what I want in my life. borrow a term which negative to achieve something positive. I felt challenged to prove that I can, the energy between the positive and negative attract each other , making a new energy.

In fact, what I want that I was so greedy ?

all I wanted was a love.

I was so greedy want a love ,
Love that one,
Love the whole,
Real love,
True love,
Unconditional love,
Pure love,
Eternal love.

I was so greedy want all just mine.

And I cry………………………………,
You are the owner of all of it
Let me have what You have,
Let my heart full of love. I’ll hold it’s love, until the end of my breath.
I will always carry it around in every stage of my life.
I will always give without having to ask for it back.
I will not ask for love from men, while they themselves are also needed.
While those like me who need love from You.
I don’t need a little love and it’s only temporary. Because this world is temporary. And often changed the direction of the human heart.

Lord………….Ya Allah,
I would ask that love, when I reached eternity, if I come to the everlasting of Life.
Where i Would Never hurt and sad because feel alone and Lost, which i have never cried because my heart so hurt, which i would never share with anyone, because what is Mine will always Be Mine.
Really greedy.. 🙂

Perfection belongs only to Allah.
I surrender to You, Ya Allah

Allahumma shalli ala Muhammad wa Ali Muhammad.