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Racing to the Beat of Life

This is a pretty complex poem I’ve concocted, but I hope you can appreciate its sentiment.  Enjoy!

Mission: Earth, Voyage to the Home Planet

Canvas of the Sky

From the canvas of the sky

Every star twinkles in a dreamer’s eye

History, hope, the very foundation of life

Transposed from reality into perceptual flight

And as you are caught in this tug of the mind

You see the pathways to the glory of the heavens ever sublime

Your thoughts are opened into the star-studded air

Their vocalized hearts spilling seamlessly without care

But rather than fret, worry about the exposed

You recount the moments, the essence of the untold

You listen to their whispers, the complexion of secrets you had withheld

And see that even the years of silence could not be quelled

But rather than run from the serenity of space, you catch the tail of a comet

The crystal ice liquid cool to your face

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Mix & Match Madness

Ms Fashion

In recent years, mixing different patterns has increased in popularity.  This trend is tricky, but doable, and I shall show you how!

First off, it’s important to know that for every outfit, there should be a focus…max, 2 points of focus.  Nothing else in your outfit should overpower the focus point, or else you will look like poo, which is no bueno.

1st Step:  COLOR

When mixing different patterns, things can get crazy quick, so you want to use a soft color scheme, such as monochromatic or accented neutral.  This will help blend the look together.


This color scheme uses the same family of colors, such as different tints and shades of blue or different hues of yellow, etc.

Accented Neutral

This color scheme combines white, black, gray, or beige with a bright color accent.

Also, make sure that there is one pattern that “wins out” and overpowers…

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Be like the Trees

Crea 2010

On this special day my horoscope had encouraging and good advice, and I want to share it with you. It read:

“It’s lucky for the trees that they don’t have eyeballs, so they can’t discourage themselves with comparisons to the bigger, taller trees in the forest or loom superior to smaller growth. Be like the trees.”

Of course, this does not mean you have to take out your eyeballs…

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