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If you do not find the sweetness of doing a good deed then be aware that you have not done that deed.

–  Disrespect earns the displeasure of the creator and the creation.

To please the enemies of Allah SubHanahu wa Ta’ala is beyond comprehension and wisdom.

Gifts do not imprison me so that I become unmindful to the benefactor.

Doers of good deeds giving birth to sincerity in your deeds can never be a wasted effort.

– Among the creation, silence is not bravery but rather impatience.

– The person who cannot educate his own soul, then how is he going to educate others.

– The love of Allah SWT and the Prophet Muhammad SAW is intertwined in poverty and starvation.

– The love of the World generally blinded the eyes, those eyes which should have been used to identify the specialties of the Almighty Creator.

-The person who becomes aware of Allah SWT then he becomes hospitable towards the creation.

– Preach only in accordance to religion otherwise remaining dumb is better.

– To adopt anonymity and unwholesomeness relative to it is peaceful.

– As long as there remains on this earth one person in your heart whom you fear or have high expectations of, then until then your Faith is not complete.

– Until you still possess arrogance and anger you cannot classify yourself amongst the learned.

– That sustenance whose extent is expansive but no thanks is given for it and that means of livelihood which is difficult but no patience is shown for it become a source of revolt and mischief.


Author: diahalie

i love Allah SWT

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