diah alie

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the twilight

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batas senja

When we met for the weath …, then there is no more meetings … when wealth is gone.

When we met for the Throne …, then there is no longer socially .. when the Throne was gone …

If we are together because of status, then no longer together … if the status has gone …

If we gather because Similarity mind, It will disappear when differences arise …

if we became friends because of common sense, then the friendship is gone … when there are differences …

If we are striving for the same goals, then it would disappear, .. the difference when it comes …

If we do because of regulation, the act will go away .. if that rule is gone …

If we do good for somebody, then no further action if the person is already dead …

If we worship as figure of a person, then no longer worship when the figure was gone …

there is no pleasure and perfect freedom and eternal, because all there is a limit, in line with the way the world is increasingly approaching old age.


Author: diahalie

i love Allah SWT

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