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Father – Daughter Relationship

One day Prophet Muhammad was praying in the Ka’ba when the non-believers came and threw the uterus of a camel on him while he was in the position of prostration.
Young Sayyidah Faatimah az-Zahraa (R.A), scarcely ten years old then, saw what was happening and rushed to her father to clean his body and clothes, and then angrily yelled at the pagans who had done it.
Sayyidah Faatimah az-Zahraa (R.A), who used to weep at the sight of dust that was thrown upon her father’s head (Prophet Muhammad ), and would be comforted with the words
“Do not cry, my daughter, for Allah shall protect your father!”
One time (after her marriage), Fatima Radiallahu anha brought some barley bread to her beloved father and his (pbuh) response was: “This is the first food your father has eaten for three days.”

“He (prophet Abraham ) asked God to give him a daughter so there be at least someone to cry after his death and remember him.”
       ~ Hazrat Imam SadiQ (r.a)