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Kedawung Seed

Biji-Kedawung-300x225 since childhood, my grandma always introduce nutritious plants. grandma said, that   plants are the most efficacious drugs for health. though often I do not like the smell and taste, grandma always tried to convince me that it would make me stay healthy.
“kedawung seed” is one plant that was introduced to my grandma or in scientific language called “Parkia timoriana”.
until now I still often find this” kedawung seeds” in traditional medicine seller, and I always buy it. although it was a bit bitter but I love to eat.
in memory of my beloved grandma, I find the actual benefits of this plant, and share it to all my friends ……
may be useful …

Kedawung (Parkia timoriana) including one in 30 species of rare medicinal plants in Indonesia with the rarity and threat status of “rare”. Kedawung tree is a giant forest trees, huge trunk, straight and tall in the forest, this tree is one of the tallest tree species compared to other types of other trees in the forest. Kedawung trees generally live in forests on steep slopes, and this giant tree kedawung signal to us that he was created by God to grow on the slopes of a steep hill to carry out the noble task of protecting the soil from erosion and landslides. Kedawung tree roots have a board that can reach 5 m height, so if there is soil erosion and landslides kedawung tree immediately caught the ground, hold and stop erosion and landslides.

Kedawung tree is a leguminous plant roots and avalanches leaves enrich the soil around the growth. We see a wide variety of plant species that live and other drugs grows around trees in the forest kedawung. Kedawung tree showed a very friendly manner with trees and other vegetation. He proudly became a tree guardian and protector of the diverse species of trees and other plants

Almost all parts of kedawung, ie starting from the roots to the leaves and fruit useful for drugs, especially for diseases cure stomach. In the literature known that kedawung leaves can be used as an upset stomach pain and heartburn; seeds can be used as a remedy for menstrual pain, cramps during menstruation, or going into labor, puerperal fever, cholera, colic, colds, antidiarrheal, diarrhea , stomachache, carminative, ulcers, scabies, sores, back pain, heart ache flutter, worms, colitis, gastric and chickenpox booster, and skin can be used as a cure scabies. Argued that the pods after pounded with water used as a shampoo to wash the head. Old seeds as a cure cholera. Malay people using kedawung seeds as a cure colic and stomach tonic.

bunga-kedawung-200x300Kedawung by African communities serve as the symbol of the tree of life there, because its use is so widespread in society that includes all parts starting from the root, bark, wood, leaves, pods / pond, seeds, and flowers are used in the manufacture of food or drink until on traditional medicine. Slurry pond is very rich in carbohydrates and vitamin C, so it can be used in the manufacture of various types of high-energy foods (cookies that are durable stored), a variety of fresh drinks, and sugar substitute materials. Moreover, it can also be used as a producer extracts brown color that resembles the cola drinks. Dry seeds can be made into a variety of nutritious foods and beverages of coffee substitutes (called café du Soudan). In the seed is pretty much contains a variety of essential amino acids, especially methionin and tryptophan. Very interesting potential of seeds kedawung is to have a high protein and fat. Kedawung seeds contain a chemical composition: protein cysteine ​​is quite prominent of 42.3%, 24.6% fat, 22.1% carbohydrates, 3.6% fiber and 7.2% ash.

Stay Blessed.